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Project Sites

Our Gallery is filled with several pictures of Project Sites that DIRT PRO, LLC has produced 3D Site Models and Earthwork Take-Offs for over the years. It also has pictures of 3D Site Models from our archives. We would like to thank all of our clients that helped us make this Gallery possible. Please wait for all of the images to completely load on this page before clicking on them to take a closer look.

DIRT PRO, LLC builds 3D Site Models for various applications of GPS Machine Control.Arm your fleet with 3D Site Models by DIRT PRO, LLC.Accurate 3D Site Models make the best Operators even better.3D Site Models help Contractors stay on schedule by placing them in more control of their Project Site.
The ability to see your project before it’s completed is a major benefit of GPS Machine Control.Total Station Systems are ideal for congested Project Sites.DIRT PRO, LLC has the field experience to get the job done right.An Operator’s View of a 3D Site Model in action.
Constant communication keeps everyone up to date and helps ensure success.Accurate 3D Site Models work great with Total Station Systems.The use of 3D Site Models in Rovers help Earthwork Contractors streamline progress.Checking Grade can be accomplished instantly with the right equipment.